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Online Yoga & Pilates Classes


I started practising Pilates and Yoga when I studied contemporary dance at University, many years ago now and have been attending classes ever since. 

I decided to become a teacher after having some not so great experiences - teachers who didn’t really want to be there, intimidating environments and classes not catering for all levels and abilities - in other words, if you couldn’t do something - TOUGH!

I am passionate about making both Pilates and Yoga as inclusive and affordable as possible. No-one should feel like they are not good enough - everybody’s journey and reason for practising are different and personal to them. I want to see everyone succeed - however big or small their goals.





My Yoga classes are suitable for all levels and abilities and are often structured around a theme or area of the body.  You don’t need any special clothing, just pop on some comfy clothes and come and join us to improve your flexibility, strength & stability and take time to unwind and relax.


My Pilates classes are based on the main 34 Pilates exercises devised by Joseph Pilates. Classes involve exercises that are designed  to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and stability in the body. Pilates will make you calmer, stronger and more flexible.

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